Getting your stuff on Shiney Row TV

If you want to get a video on this site……

The site would love to have almost anything to do with Shiney Row, Penshaw or this general bit of Durham (or Tyne and Wear depending when you were born or moved here).   So get in touch – tell me where you have put your video on the web.  You can contact me at shineyrowtv [@]

“I’ve got something on YouTube or GoogleVideo..”

If you can upload your video to YouTube (or GoogleVideo) then send me a link to that page and I shall take it from there. Include some text in your message and I can put that on as well – I reserve some editorial rights to make text comprehensible. This is the quickest and easiest way to get something up. YouTube has a ‘help’ piece here.

“It’s on my camera or my phone how do i get it off there….?”

See if you can find someone to help you upload it to YouTube – a passing 13 year old would be perfect. YouTube has some help here.  You might also find useful.

“I am feel strongly about something and want to get my voice heard…”

Happy to help as long as you keep it clean and hate-free. There is advice on using a webcam to record yourself on YouTube here. There are no rules about ‘balance’ on the internet.

I publish things lots of things I don’t agree with but reserve the right not to publish things that are plainly bonkers and/or offensive or probably illegal.   Please don’t just rant or have a poke at anyone.  If you are having a poke at someone I shall offer them a right of reply. I do this for fun and for my community, not to start a fight nor a law suit, or get dragged into court.

Copyright and stuff like that….

I have no idea about copyright and no intention of abusing anyone’s – see the advice on the YouTube etc sites, I think they appropriate much of it when you upload. If you don’t want your material embedded here, please bar embedding in the ‘Edit Video info’, ‘Sharing Options’ section that will disable it here. And drop me a line.

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