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Iron Age Monument?

According to Brigantes Nation Penshaw Monument is built with Roman stone on the site of a much earlier Iron Age fort….

Penshaw Hill is a hill fort so far missed by archaeology because of a later addition – A mock greek temple. Because of this little is known about it other than the physical and some limited documentary evidence. Penshaw is the only triple rampart Iron Age hill fort known to exist in the north of England. It has a similar feel to Almondbury, and probably dates from the early to mid Iron Age. To add to the mistique, Penshaw Monument, which is built on top, may have been built using stone taken from a Roman dam at Sunderland.

Penshaw Hill Iron Age Evidence

Penshaw Hill Iron Age Evidence

mymarras in the Durham pit villages

mymarras in the Durham pit villages is a heritage website which aims to cover all aspects of the local history of New Herrington, Newbottle, Penshaw, Shiney Row, Houghton and many more.

Biddick Woods, Shiney Row and Penshaw in 2001

Shows Biddick Woods estate being built and the new Shiney Row ‘bypass’.