Lambton Worm

Tony says:
“A dialect story song from around the River Wear, about a myth from the North East of England about a huge ‘worm’ or serpent that was caught by Lord Lambton and cast down a well in County Durham. While he went to fight in the Crusades it grew and devoured everything that it could. He heard of the monster and returned and killed it. The legend goes that since he didn’t follow the instructions to the letter to kill it, every male member of the line of Lambton was doomed and cursed to an untimely end.
“Whisht” means be quiet and listen.
“Haad Ya Gobs” means hold your mouth and be silent.
“He couldn’t Fash to Carry it hyem” means he couldn’t be bothered to bring it home.
There are many different terms of local dialect that are not as frequently used as in the past but they colour this old song beautifully.
When I was younger this was the kind of song that we were made to sing at school so it has taken a long time to review and regard its merits as a good bit of local legend wrapped in an enjoyable, catchy song”


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